Sustainability Statement

General statement on Biscuit Boutique’s position on palm oil and animal-delivered ingredients.

Biscuit Boutique acts responsibly and strives to make our products in the most sustainable way possible.

Palm oil production can unjustly impact the environment and society if not responsibly managed. We support the demands of no deforestation, no new development on peat lands, full traceability to the mill, including supplying a group of plantations and respect for workers, local communities and human rights.

Biscuit Boutique’s time frame for achieving the goal of becoming Palm-Oil free

15 November 2021

Biscuit Boutique aims to strengthen our commitment to work toward a more sustainable future for our planet, and we will end the use of Palm oil on 15 November 2021.

Biscuit Boutique’s sustainability achievements

17 September 2020 

Reducing single-use plastic by 85% statement

Biscuit Boutique stops using “bubble wrap” envelopes made of plastic.

We are achieving an 85% reduction in the usage of plastic packaging by sourcing cardboard shipping boxes. 

25 November 2020 

Vegan statement

100% of the Animal delivered volume of ingredients was removed and replaced with Plant-based ingredients; Biscuit Boutique was declared Vegan.

25 November 2020 

Gluten-free statement

Biscuit Boutique’s production facility is not handling ingredients containing Gluten anymore. Biscuit Boutique is declared to be Gluten-free.