Product description

What is the Chocolate Bonbon by Biscuit Boutique? Soft Praline Noisette and white chocolate ganache coated in 60% Organic dark chocolate with white chocolate topping, acting as a canvas for the stunningly painted mosaic designs.
What are they made of? - We use Organic ingredients grown by organic crop management which benefits the local population and the environment.
What is the packaging like? The mosaic bonbon pieces are wrapped with food safe paper and then placed in a quality magnetic gift box. The personal note of your choice then placed on the wrapping paper inside the magnetic box. In addition we use a transport safe shipping box to ensure your bonbons will arrive safe and sound. 
What is the size of the boxes? 

4 Biscuit Box - 100g   - net weight   (Box size: 115x120x 35mm)

 9 Biscuit Box - 210g   - net weight   (Box size: 152x152x30mm) 

16 Biscuit Box - 370g  - net weight   (Box size 182x182x30mm)