50custom design Biscuit boxes

Quantity: 50


Size: Regular box of 9 Biscuit bon bons


Delivery date: Tuesday 3rd November


Delivery address:

Clemence Flamee

Little Greene Paint Company

The Coach Works

420 Ashton Old Road 


M11 2DT


Delivery contact number: 0161 230 0839


Total cost including delivery: £1,250

50custom design Biscuit boxes


    All of our Biscuits are suitable for vegetarians. They contain NO gelatin or alcohol, we use vegan food colouring. The Biscuits will arrive with up to 10 months of shelf life. Net weight of 9 Biscuit Box - 176g  (Box size: 152x152x30mm) , Net weight of 16 Biscuit Box - 312g (Box size 182x182x30mm) For more informations please look below.